How to find your weight

by Edna Kent Forbes

If you suspect that you are too fat or too thin, there are several perfectly simple rules that you can follow to find out exactly what you should weigh. Here, for instance, is the method advocated by Dr Peters of California.

Measure yourself standing in your stocking feet. Take the number of inches over 5 feet, which you register. Multiply this number of inches by 5-1/2 and add 110. For instance, say you are 5 feet 7 inches — 7 times 5-1/2 equals 38-1/2, plus 110; ideal weight = 148-1/2 pounds.

If you are under 5 feet, multiply the number of inches under 5 feet by 5-1/2 and subtract from 110. If, for instance, you are 4 feet 10 inches, or 2 inches under 5 feet, you would multiply 2 by 5-1/2, which is 11, and subtract that from 110, which would give your ideal weight of 99. All weights should be taken without clothing — that is, when you have weighed yourself, manage to weigh afterwards the clothes you have had on and then you will be able to find your actual weight.

This is a general rule to follow. If you are 5 feet 4 inches height, for instance, and are 18 years old, it is natural that you should weigh less than if you are 5 feet 4 inches and are 48 years old.

Tables of statistics allow an increase of a few pounds for every added 10 years in a woman’s life. This added weight is not necessary. If a woman is fat enough to be healthy, she need not necessarily continue to add flesh as she adds years. Indeed, if she stays slender she will not look so mature.

Top photos: Woman in undergarments, c1921, photographed by Theodore C Marceau (courtesy NYPL)

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