Get your lots in Phoenix, Arizona for $200 each (1892)

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1892-The capitol of Arizona-phoenix

The capitol of Arizona

Is located on a beautiful tract of land adjoining the City of Phoenix on the west. The site for the building is in the center of a tract of ten acres belonging to the Territory.

Nearly $8,000 has already been expended by the Capitol Commissioners in beautifying the grounds, and it is today the pride of Arizona. A street railway runs to the center of the plat.

It is beyond any doubt permanently settles for all time. Our recent constitutional convention so decided it, and placed a clause in our constitution to that effect.

A number of fine residences have already been erected near it, and a large number are in contemplation by prominent men throughout the territory and through the country. Lots that sold one year ago for $200 each are now selling at $500 and upwards. There is no spot in the west that promises such rapid advances in values as is here offered.

All the lots on Washington Street have been disposed of and but five are left on the east side of the Capitol. We have just platted the ground on the west. The streets are being graded and the lots placed this week on the market. This new plat commences but one block west of the Capitol site.

We intend to do as we did east of the site, start the lots at $200 each and sell a limited number at that price. Parties wishing to avail themselves of this splendid opportunity should apply at once for we confidently believe by spring these lots will be selling at $500 each.

Apply to M.E. Collins, Phoenix, Arizona.


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