Average life of a woman

It will be interesting to note whether the average life for a woman will decrease or increase if women obtain equal rights with men and endeavor to follow the trades heretofore open only to the opposite sex.

At present, the average life for a woman is about four years longer than that computed for men, partly due to the fact that women do not run the same risks in dangerous trades, but it is still more due to the fact that the average woman leads a more regular life than the average man, with less alcohol, less smoking and less late hours, coupled with daytime work. It has been proved by the records of the Society of Friends that men who follow regular habits have a greater longevity average.

When women have obtained the status they are aiming for will they withstand the temptations opening before them, or will they neglect the rules for long life? It must be remembered that while the longevity average for women must be lengthened by a lower birth rate, yet out of the fewer children born there will be more who live and are better endowed with vital force, so that the women of the future, if not so numerous, may be stronger to meet with new conditions.


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Source publication: The Washington Herald

Source publication date: 10 September 1914

Notes: Herald's Page for Women Readers (Column)

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