Frantic crowds storm offices for Titanic news (1912)

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Frantic crowds storm offices

Police reserves had to be culled to several sections of the city tonight to control crowds gathered around newspaper bulletin board for news of the Titanic. The disaster stunned the gay Broadway district as perhaps no disaster ever had so completely before, for many of those who poured out of the theatres had friends on the steamer. The newspaper districts were crowded till after midnight. Wealth and society rubbed elbows with poverty in the crowd that besieged the White Star Steamship line offices, and both classes were in deep grief.

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There were many instances of fashionably-gowned women going into hysterics when the hopeful reports of the afternoon were blasted with the news that probably only 675 persons had been saved.

Vincent Astor, only son of Colonel John Jacob Astor, accompanied by A J Biddle of Philadelphia; and Colonel Astor’s secretary, were among the crowd at the offices, and left with tears in their eyes after a short conference with Vice-President Franklin. Relatives of Isidor Straus, and of a number of other prominent passengers, came away with the same dejection.


Photo: Crowd gathered in front of the White Star liner office in New York’s lower Broadway to get the latest news of the sinking of the liner Titanic — April 14, 1912.

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