Love on a ferris wheel: Weddings in midair (1904)

1904-World's Fair St Louis The great ferris wheel

Wedding in midair

Many couples united in the cars of the Ferris Wheel

Since the opening of the World’s Fair, more than a score of couples have been married in the cars of the Ferris Wheel.

Some of them have been novel and interesting. One couple, the bride from Kansas and the bridegroom from Oklahoma, rode horses onto one of the large cars of the wheel and were married on horseback when the car reached its highest point.

Another couple insisted on being married on the top of one of the cars, and the management erected a platform on the roof, and the couple were made one. Recently two requests for the use of the “wedding car” was received for the same hour and a double wedding was arranged to the satisfaction of both parties.

Some of the correspondence which the Ferris Wheel management receives is unique. One woman, who seems to be the “man of the house,” wrote as follows:

“Have bin divorsed over four year. Have Divorse Papers. My Husband-To-Be, his Name Is Mr Blank. He is a Widewer His Wife has bin Dead 4 years I suppose you would have to have this information pleas Answer soon.”

Few of the couples that have been married in the Ferris Wheel care little for the notoriety, but have a desire for the romantic consideration, and caused their weddings to be performed in the air.

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One sweet lassie first met her sweetheart in a Ferris Wheel car. Another couple, who planned an extensive bridal tour, but found at the last moment that business engagements would not permit, were married on the wheel, and the bride said: “A trip around the Ferris Wheel is almost the same as a trip around the world.”

While revolving around the Ferris Wheel, the principal architectural features and landscape gardening of the entire world may be seen, combined in a panorama of unequaled splendor.

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