Fashion angels for yule out of papier-mache (1961)

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You can fashion angels for yule out of paper

You can fashion beautiful Christmas angels from papier-mache. You needs lots of newspapers and wallpaper paste.

Mix a pint or so of paste. Tear some of the newspaper into long, two-inch wide strips.

On a kitchen’ table, spread four pages of newspapers, one at a time, with paste. Then roll to cone shape. This is the body of your angel. Cut off the cone at the bottom so the figure will stand and make a half-inch angle cut in the back to form the waist (otherwise the figure would have no posture). This allows her to bend back slightly, posed for trumpet blowing.

Shape the head by crumpling a little paper, then covering it and fixing it to the body with strips of newspaper dipped in paste. Use a slender wire to shape the arms and attach them to the body with papier-mache strips. The figure must be completely dry — this takes a day or two — before it can be finished.

Now it’s lime to make the wings. Cut a paper pattern. Paste four thicknesses of paper. When dry cut to the pattern and fasten to the body firmly with paper strips. having folded the wings leaving a .small space in the middle, thus making it easy to attach wings to body.

Now the figure is ready to be dressed and decorated. The robe is fashioned of paper toweling (spread with paste) to suit your fancy.

Use gilt paint for decorating, and if you want to add glitter, apply clear varnish or nail polish, then dust with glitter while wet. Elves and wise men can also be made in the same way.

In making these papier-mache figures, you will find improvement comes through trial and error. Strips of papier-mache will help to strengthen and hide imperfections.

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