Decorated trash baskets

Trash baskets have developed a decorative quality which makes them worthy of especial note. Two seen this past week are really strikingly handsome, and, as they are capacious as well, fill a definite want. One is tall and slender, but still firm upon its base, and is made entirely of heavy leather. The outside shows an embossed design that is in the best of taste and color.

For an accompaniment to a library desk, nothing better could be desired, and the many women who shortly will be seeking Christmas gifts for their husbands and friends will do well to bear it in mind. The other is more delicate, both in color and material, and is singularly appropriate for a lady’s use. It is made of fine African grass and celluloid, and is dainty as can be, while at the same time it provides ample space.

See a modern version of a similar leather waste basket here.

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