DB Cooper remains elusive: Jumped with $200,000 5 years ago

Northwest Orient Flight 305 during hijacking Cooper

The discovery of a tattered pair of pants has failed to generate any more dues to D.B Cooper who disappeared with $200,000 after the hijacking of a jetliner on Thanksgiving eve 1972.

The last that was known of Cooper was when he parachuted from the Boeing 727 during a storm over southwestern Washington. None of the money has shown up, and FBI agents have said they believe Cooper died that night.

Several FBI agents spent 3-1/2 hours Wednesday combing a wooded area near Lake Merwin in southwest Washington in a search prompted by the discovery of the tattered gray plaid pants in a tree.

db cooper sketchesAlso on Wednesday, a federal grand jury in Portland indicted Cooper on charges of air piracy and interfering with commerce by extortion. The indictment carried the name “John Doe. also known as Dan Cooper.” The hijacker used the name Dan Cooper but has since become known popularly as “D B Cooper.”

>> DB Cooper: Hijacker parachutes from Reno-bound jet (1971)

Assistant U.S. Attorney Jack G Collins said the indictment was sought because there had been some legal decisions that would contend a five-year statute of limitations applies to the case “It was oat of an abundance of caution that the indictment was sought.” Collins said. “We have no present knowledge of his whereabouts.”

The pants were found about a month ago by a hunter, William Lynch, who said he didn’t think much about them until he recently began reading stories on the anniversary of the skyjacking. Lynch called the Clark County Sheriffs Department last week, and FBI Agent Dick Dyer of Vancouver was notified. Over and Lynch returned to the area to retrieve the pants Tuesday and the search followed.

“We searched and we didn’t find anything else.” John Pringle, assistant agent-in-charge of the Seattle FBI office, said.

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Agent John Reed said he wasn’t too excited about the discovery of the pants. “We’ve been getting pants, parachutes and parachute cords for five years,” he said, “I’m not that excited about it, but we’ve got to give it the full shot. I hope nobody’s playing a hoax on us.”

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Source publication date: November 26, 1976

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DB Cooper: Hijacker parachutes from Reno-bound jet (1971)

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