Braised Breast of Lamb

Have the bone removed from the breast of lamb, season the meat with salt and pepper, and roll up and tie securely.

Chop one onion fine, slice thin one carrot and one turnip, and put two tablespoonfuls of butter (or of nice drippings) in a braising pan; whem warm, add the chopped vegetables, stir a few minutes, then put in the lamb, well dredged with flour.

Cover the pan and put where it will cook slowly for about half an hour or a little longer; then add one quart of good stock; if you have no stock, use boiling water. Put in the oven, allowing it to cook moderately for one hour, basting the meat quite often, using the water in the pan; skim all the fat off from the gravy, and then place where it will boil rapidly for six to eight minutes.

Take up the meat, remove the string, strain the gravy and pour over the meat.

Brown mushroom sauce is excellent with this dish.

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Source publication: The Commoner (Lincoln, Neb.)

Source publication date: November 24, 1911

Filed under: 1910s, Meat recipes, Newspapers

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