Beauty 500 years ago

They have dug up an old beauty book in Italy, published 500 years ago, which laid down the following rules of the game:

“To be beautiful,” says the work, “the woman must have the following three white things: Skin, hands, and teeth; three black things; Eyes, eyelashes and eyebrows; three pink things; Lips, gums and nails; three long things: Life, hands, and hair; three short things : Teeth, ears and tongue; three wide things: Forehead, shoulders, and intelligence; three narrow things: Waist, mouth, and ankles; three delicate things: Fingers, lips, and mind; three round things: Arm leg, and dowry.”

Things haven’t changed so much in five centuries, have they? Or, let us say, that woman’s beauty is immortal and immutable.

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Source publication: The Day Book (Chicago, Ill.)

Source publication date: April 17, 1912

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