An eighties sticker collection primer (1984)

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Stuck on stickers

Stickers have been around for a long time. They used to be called seals. You had to lick ’em to stick ’em. Yuck!

Then along came a new kind of sticker… the kind you didn’t have to lick to stick, the kind you just peeled. This made stickers much more appealing. Better ways of printing and better designs made stickers more colorful and fun. Stickers were sold by the sheet or pack.

A sticker company in California, Mrs Grossman’s Paper Co., was the first to put stickers on a roll and sell single stickers. And did they sell! Today’s kids are stuck on stickers by the pack and by the roll.

Over 200 sticker companies are making millions of stickers… and lotta of money! Kids are having fun with a fad that might turn into a hobby that lasts for years. We’ll have to stick around and see what happens.

About scratch ‘n sniff stickers

puffy-sticker-setScratch ‘n sniff stickers are very popular. Each sticker, about 1-1/2 inches in size, has some 4 million tiny smelly bubbles. With each rub or scratch, only about 20,000 to 40,000 bubbles are broken to free the scents.

A company named 3M makes most of the scents you smell, but not the actual stickers. The company uses about 1,300 chemicals and some natural oils to make the smells.

Other kinds of stickers

Puffins and furries are two of many types of stickers. Here are a few others:

Puffins are made of plastic. They puff up because they are foam-filled. They are also called puffies.

Furries have a kind of fur feel. They are also called feelies and fuzzies.

Character stickers are based on TV or comic strip characters.

Prismatic stickers reflect different colors.

Smellies are the scratch ‘n sniff kind.

Plain stickers are the colorful, flat type.

Freebies are free stickers that are stuck on things like fruits and vegetables.

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Holographies are made with laser beams. They have a silvery look. If you hold them just right, many have a three-dimensional effect.


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