Chester pudding

Take a large lemon, grate the rind, squeeze out the juice; one dozen sweet almonds, one dozen bitter almonds (pound these), one ounce butter, quarter pound loaf sugar, the yolks of four eggs. Put all into a sauce pan over a slow fire, and when the butter melts, beat all together. Line a dish with puff paste, and lay in the mixture. Bake in a quick oven. It should be sent to table on a napkin, with the whites of the eggs beaten and laid upon the top.

Queen Mab pudding

Soak a sixpence packet of gelatine (roughly 1 ounce of gelatin) in warm water for two hours, then boil a pint of milk with lemon peel and add to the gelatine. When the latter is dissolved, sweeten to taste and pour in gently the yolks of four eggs. Pour all back to the saucepan and simmer as a custard over a slow fire, not allowing it to boil. When thick enough, remove from the fire and stir in gradually four ounces of preserved cherries. Continue stirring till nearly cold, then pour into a mold.

Johnny cake

One quart buttermilk, teacupful flour, two-thirds teacupul molasses, a little salt, one teaspoonful saleratus [baking soda], one egg, beaten; leave it so thin that it will almost ran bake in a tin. If it is not light, it will be because it is too thick.

Peaches in cans

Peel ripe peaches, cut them into halves; put them in a preserving kettle with a little sugar sprinkled over them. Let them heat thoroughly in a pan of hot water on the range. When the peaches are scalding hot, put them in glass jars and seal them up.

Apple custard pie

Scald the milk and let it cool. Grate some sweet apples; to each cupful of apples, have two thirds cupful of powdered sugar, four well-beaten eggs, one cupful milk, one fourth of a nutmeg. Line an earthen pie-dish with a rich crust, and let it bake, then fill with the custard ami let it bake for half an hour. To be eaten cold.

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Source publication: The Princeton Union (Princeton, Minn.)

Source publication date: December 24, 1879

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