Ham balls

Beat six eggs until very light, and add flour gradually until you have a batter stiff enough to be made into balls. Prepare some cold boiled ham, fat and lean mixed, by chopping it up very fine, then flour it and mix with the batter. Drop the balls into melted lard that is boiling hot. Fry, and then drain them on a sieve till free from the adhesion of any grease.

This is a nice way to use ham after it has been sent to table several days, and a good deal has been cut from the joint, so that it no longer makes a very sightly dish.

Chicken salad

Boil a large-sized spring chicken about two hours. Let it get cold, then remove all the skin and fat, then chop not quite as fine as mince meat. Have the same quantity of chopped celery and the yolks of four boiled eggs pressed smooth with a silver or wooden spoon. Then take one pint of sweet milk, and bring it just to a boiling heat, then add the yolks of two eggs well-beaten as soon as this dressing is cold. Add one tablespoonful of cider vinegar, and pepper and salt to taste, then mix the whole nicely together. Place on a platter, and trim the edges of the platter with the nicest of the celery leaves.

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Source publication: The Princeton Union (Princeton, Minn.)

Source publication date: December 24, 1879

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