See the Mary Poppins movie trailer and Hollywood premiere (1964)

Disney's Mary Poppins movie - Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews

Disney's Mary Poppins movie - Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews

Disney premieres Mary Poppins at Grauman’s

HOLLYWOOD (UPI) – Walt Disney held one of his rare movie premieres the other night, and everybody was there, Snow White, her seven dwarfs, Mickey Mouse and Pinnochio.

So were Pluto, Goofy, the big bad wolf, three little pigs, Alice in Wonderland. Peter Pan, Captain Hook and several penguins.

It was one of the most dazzling premieres held here in years. Disney himself hasn’t done anything on such a grand scale in the past 27 years. His last big premiere was to send off “Snow White.”

Disney is not one to put on the dog too often or without good reason.

Hosted big party

Walt hosted the big party at Grauman’s Chinese Theater recently to introduce everybody to a grand lady, “Mary Poppins,” a personality and a movie which should be ranked among Hollywood’s finest. It certainly is high on Disney’s list of favorites turned out by his studio.

Dick Van Dyke, in the role of happy-go-lucky “Bert,” and Julie Andrews, playing “Mary Poppins,” the charming nurse with magical qualities, turn in two of Hollywood’s finest musical show performances.

The supporting cast is excellent, including Edd Wynn and Glynnis Johns. And Hollywood hasn’t seen such choreography in years.

More than 1500 persons crowded into the theater, including such real-life stars as Van Dyke, Miss Andrews, Wynn, Hugh O’Brian, John Gavin, Efrem Zimbalist, James Franciscus, Mary Tyler Moore Doug McClure, George Hamilton, Tom Tryon and Lauritz Melchior.

Looking around at his guests, Disney said, “It’s good to have something like this once a while, like celebrating a fortieth anniversary.”

Somebody asked Disney what he considered to be his biggest help towards success.

“I never had enough sense to quit,” he said.

Thank goodness he never got smart, or the world would never have seen talking birds, singing ducks, dancing elephants and flying horses.

Mary Poppins movie - Butterflies

Mary Poppins trailer (with announcer)

Light up the sky — it’s the entertainment thrill of a lifetime!

“Mary Poppins,” Walt Disney’s newest and most delightfully entertaining motion picture

Starring the toast of Broadway’s musical stage, the incomparable Julie Andrews

And America’s fabulous funnyman Dick Van Dyke, as you’ve never seen him before

“Mary Poppins” — the fabulous adventures of the world’s most charming and delightfully eccentric heroine

Yes, the wondrous and magical ways of Walt Disney’s Mary Poppins, so completely and so hilariously discombobulates the family with which she comes to stay, in such delightfully amazing ways, their lives are never again quite the same… and nor will yours be, when you’ve been touched by the magic of this magnificent new motion picture from Walt Disney, “Mary Poppins,”

Mary Poppins trailer (music but no announcer)

(Scrolling text) With pride we announce the selection of this Theatre by Walt Disney for a Special Engagement of his Sparkling New Motion Picture, MARY POPPINS… the story of the world’s most delightful heroine, whose Magical and Wondrous ways transform each member of the family with whom she comes to reside, in such a way that their lives are never again quite the same… nor will yours be, when you’ve been touched by the Magic of this great new motion picture.




the Magic of TECHNICOLOR

Walt Disney’s MARY POPPINS

Scenes from the “Mary Poppins” Hollywood premiere

Mary Poppins movie poster

Mary Poppins movie poster 1964

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