When Princess Diana was pregnant with the baby who turned out to be Prince William — aka William Arthur Philip Louis, Duke of Cambridge — people around the world speculated on every aspect of the child’s birth. To that end, a genetics weighed in on what he thought the young prince or princess might look like.

How good was the guess? Look at the photo at the bottom of the page and decide for yourself!

Royal genes!

What Prince Charles’ & Princess Diana’s baby will look like

Britain’s top geneticist says the baby is likely to have blue eyes, his mother’s nose and — sorry — his father’s ears. And England’s bookmakers say it will be a boy. Any day now, we’ll know if they are right!


by Val Hudson

Like millions of parents-to-be, the Prince and Princess of Wales have spent some happy moments wondering who their baby will look like.

As a baby… The size of a newborn is determined by the size of the parents. Because Charles and Diana are tall, their baby will be quite long (about 25 inches) and weigh about seven and a half pounds. [He weighed 7 pounds, 1.5 ounces at birth.]

At six months… By Christmas 1982, the royal baby will probably be fairly tall and well-proportioned, have blond curly hair (though the color may darken as the Prince’s did). The youngster will have blue eyes, a prominent nose and ears, and a long, narrow face.

Prince William and Princess Diana


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