Recycled crafts: Turn your junk into jewels (1983)

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24-carat ideas to make your room sparkle and shine

It’s a sad, sad story, and we hear it every day. You’ve cut down on video games, you’re buying fewer candy bars, and still you don’t have any money left to fix up your room!

Well, don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here’s Dynamite’s treasure trove of 24-carat ideas to make your room sparkle and shine. Read on to find out how to turn your junk into jewels.

Pillow talk: Make pillows from your old coats

pillow-craft-from-old-coats-1983Don’t throw your old coats away yet, because we have another coat-lining trick up our sleeves. Pillows!

You can throw these pillows together in no time, and may it always bolster your courage to know that this isn’t a sew-sew idea. In fact, it’s a no-sew idea!

All you do is cut the sleeve linings out of two old, worn-out coats. Cut so that the sleeves are still tubes. Then cut straight across the ends with special scissors called pinking shears.

Turn the tubes right side out, and stuff them with clean rags. Then tie a satin ribbon, cord, or rope around each end. Tie the four tubes together with ribbons.

Your finished pillow will look like a pretty package of surprise party poppers. Toss a couple of these around on your bed for the quickest room-gloom remedy ever!

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