Miller High Life’s 1981 NFL Man of the Year

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NFL Man of the Year sponsored by Miller High Life

Lynn Swann, Miller High Life’s 1981 NFL Man of the Year, is just one of the many dedicated NFL players who devote their off-the-field energies to local charitable endeavors. The NFL Man of the Year program was created to honor these “citizen-athletes.”


As part of that honor, Miller High Life — the sponsor of the program — provides college scholarship funds totaling $36,000.00 to be awarded in the players’ names to deserving high school students.

Your support is equally as important as an individual’s playing ability and civic contributions. Fan balloting actually determines each team’s NFL Man of the Year. Miller High Life invites you to become a part of this campaign by voting for the NFL Man of the Year on your favorite team. This season’s balloting will take place during October and November. Watch for your team’s ballot day at your local stadium or cast your vote at the participating taverns in your area.

1982 Miller Brewing Company. Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201

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