How to make a dynamite night light (1981)

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dynamite night light-1981

A Dynamite night light

Next time you’re dining out — outdoors, that is — add an extra twinkle of your own to the starlight night! The Dynamite night light we’re talking about is a can-turned-lantern designed by you!

Punched can night light instructions

To make this candleholding lantern, you will need:

  • 1 large can with the top removed
  • a hammer
  • a large, long nail
  • plain paper and a pencil
  • a fat candle

The night before you make your lantern, wash the can and remove the label. Fill the can almost to the top with cold water, and place it on a level spot in your freezer.

The next day, cut a strip of paper that will wrap around the can. Draw a design of stars, dots, or any simple pattern you like on this paper. It will be used as a pattern for your lantern design.

Remove the can from the freezer and wrap the paper pattern around it. Cover a flat surface with a towel and place the can side-down on the towel.

Using the nail and hammer, carefully punch holes in the can following the lines of your pattern. When you’re finished, remove the paper and place the can in the sink to let the ice melt.

Dry the can and place your candle inside it. Light the candle next time you want to light up the night with Dynamite!

Malinda McCall of Savannah, GA, wins a Hot Stuff T-shirt for this bright idea!

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