Craft how-to: Make a table from old newspapers (1983)

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Who wants yesterday’s papers? You do, because they’re the beginning of the end — the new end table for your room, that is! This new piece of furniture is being delivered to your doorstep today! … And tomorrow and the day after that and…

All you have to do is collect enough newspapers to make a stack at least 26″ high. Tie them into a very tight bundle using a strong piece of twine. Then spray paint the newspaper cube outdoors or in a well-ventilated area (and don’t forget to spread plenty of newspapers underneath when you do!).

When the paint has dried, place your new room-gloom brightener next to a chair or anywhere your room needs a Dynamite addition! This easy-to-make table is front page news, for sure.

Craft how-to Make a table from old newspapers 1983

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