Craft how-to: Make a cassette tape holder (1983)

Rubber Band’s greatest hits

If you’ve got tons of cassette tapes tumbling all over your room, get on the fast track to tidying them up. Clear the decks and make a cassette caddy that not only holds your tapes, but displays them face out for easy hit-picking!

Craft how-to Make a cassette tape holder 1983

You’ll need a piece of heavy cardboard, some rubber bands, and a few long sticks.

First, cut off one side of a large carton. Paint it, collage it, sticker it, or just leave it plain for a “rustic effect.” Now line all of your cassettes face up in rows on the board. Put them about two inches apart with an inch between each row. Make a pencil mark in the center right above each cassette and right below each one. Put the cassettes aside. Using a thick nail and hammer, make a hole where each pencil mark is.

Next, take a 3″ rubber band for each set of holes and push one end of the rubber band through the top hole to the back of the board. Push the other end through the bottom hole. When you’re done, you’ll have rows of rubber-band loops on the back of the board. Push a long stick vertically through each row of loops to hold them in place. And that’s it!

Now it’s a snap to stick your cassettes through the rubber-band straps. It’s neat, it’s organized, it’s Dynamite!

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