Bell-bottoms & beyond: ’70s women’s pants in the 1973 JC Penney catalog

1973 Catalog - Pants for women

The height of spring fashion still is pants.

Make sure when you try on pants to get them long enough. The tips of your pants should meet your shoes, and your ankles shouldn’t show at all.

The newest way to update pants is to wear any jacket that focuses on the waistline. Battle jackets, longer safari jackets with elasticized or drawstring waistlines, and updated blazers with inset waistlines are some of the styles to note. These jackets are perfect to wear for grocery shopping.

Other looks to remember include the shirt jacket, which doubles as a shirt or jacket; the short smock slicker, which will be perfect for April showers; and the short-sleeved shirt with the rolled-top sleeves — a new look.

Top focus also is on the head. It’s shorter hair and super slouch hats for the total pants look. Pants look either totally feminine, when accessorized with a white gardenia and floppy brim hat; or, strictly tailored, when accessorized with a natural straw hat with a small structured brim.

– Adapted from an article published in Chicago Tribune (Illinois) – March 11, 1973

1973 Catalog - Pants for women

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