What Time Is It? A Puppet Storybook vintage book for preschoolers (1968)

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Here is a look inside one of the books in this ’60s series of vintage preschool favorites: Puppet Storybooks with 3D lenticular covers! This one had a simple concept: teaching kids the concept of time, and how to keep track of the hours of the day.

It traces the very simple day of a child who lives in a stereotypically nuclear family: A dad who works all day, a mom who stays home and takes care of the kids — a boy and a girl. They even have a dog. So, yes, the story itself is not exactly exciting — the only magic comes from the puppets and sets that have been created with a stop-motion animation look, much like those seen in Rankin/Bass productions like “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”

So get ready for a timely little trip down memory lane, and check out some of the other vintage books in this series here!

What Time Is It?

A Puppet Storybook 1968 with a 3D Lenticular Cover

Pictures by T Izawa / Published by Grossett & Dunlap – New York

What Time Is It - Vintage Puppet Storybook

7am: What time is it? It’s wake-up time!

Bobby is still sleepy. But the sun is already up, its bright face peeking over the treetops to the east. It’s seven o’clock in the morning.


10am: After breakfast

After breakfast, Bobby’s mother starts to clean house. Bobby goes outdoors to play. He rides in his wagon and swings high in a swing. Soon it is ten o’clock.


Noon: 12pm

Noontime! That’s another name for twelve o’clock. Bobby’s mother prepares a delicious lunch. Bobby is hungry. He eats everything and drinks his milk. Mmm-m! Yummy!


2:30pm: Naptime

The big hand on the clock in Bobby’s room points to the six — and that means it’s half past some hour. The smaller hand has moved past the number two. It’s really between the numbers two and three. What time is it? It’s half past two. Time for a nice nap.

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4pm: Playtime

Bobby finds his coloring book. He looks for a good picture to color. Then he picks out some crayons and goes to work. It’s now four o’clock in the afternoon.


6:30pm: Evening

What time is it now? It must be the time when Daddy comes home. Yes, there’s Daddy! The two hands on the clock are almost together, near the six. It’s half past six.


8pm: Bedtime

After his supper, Bobby brushes his teeth and gets ready for bed. It is eight o’clock. There may be time for a story. Then Bobby will say good night and go to sleep.


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