What you could get at the Dollar Store (1874)

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As you can see, the “everything’s a dollar!” concept has been in play for well over a century. What you could buy for that buck, however, has definitely changed. Straight out of the 1870s, check out this era’s dollar store alternatives to off-brand tubes of toothpaste, cheap plastic baskets and spray bottles of no-name window cleaner.


Main Street,
Opposite the Court House,
Los Angeles
Dunsmoor Bros.

The following is a partial list of articles we are now selling at extremely low prices:

100 Picture Albums, at $1.00
Flue Portfolios, at $1.00
Reticules $1.00
Ladies’ Work Boxes $1.00
Joseph’s and Alexanders Kid Gloves, per pair, $1.00
Beautiful Writing Desks $1.00


Full assortment
of Hose, Handkerchiefs, Collars,
Cuffs, Etc. And Ladies’ Underwear.

Gents’ Drawers and Shirts, at $1.00
Childrens’ Dresses, at $1.00
Ladies’ and Gents’ Hats, at $1.00
Gents’ Fine White and Calico Shirts, at $1.00
Gents’ Wool Over Shirts, at $1.00
Two Under Shirts, at $1.00
Heavy Cottonade Pants, at $1.00
Linen Coat, Pants and Vest, each, at $1.00

Vases, Perfumery, Toilet Soaps, Pocket Cutlery, Etc.

Also a splendid assortment of
Brackets and Rustic Frames,
Crockery and Glass Ware

Flint Glass Table Set, 6 pieces, for $1.00
8 Goblets, Flint Glass, for $1.00
12 Tumblers, $1.00
1 Wine Set, for $1.00
1 Large Lamp, complete $1.00
Silver-plated, five-bottle, Dinner Castor $1.00
Sherwood, Wire-frame, three-bottle, Breakfast Castor $1.00
12 Large Tea Plates $1.00
6 Good Knives and Forks $1.00
8 Good Table Spoons $1.00

A large assortment of MASON’S FRUIT JARS, and COVERED JELLY GLASSES, always on hand and for sale at the lowest possible price. Also a countless variety of other articles of every description.

Call and examine our stock at the DOLLAR STORE,


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