The latest & greatest AM/FM radios (1970)

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The Blue Max. It’s a radio.

4-1/4″ high and futuristic. This see-through beauty is so intriguing, people can’t keep their hands off it. Inside lights up. Top-firing speaker. Wrap-around tuning ring. Earphone jack. At $14.98, a great gift for anybody.

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Multi-band radio with FM, AM & short wave

About the only thing this radio can’t pick up is television. And a public service band (148-176 MHz) that challenges radios costing twice as much. Powerful reception of police, fire, marine, US weather, rescue operations, ship-to-shore, snow warnings. There’s a lot more to radio than you thought. $64.98. General Electric.

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“Charlie the Tuna” transistor radio

“Now I’m a tuned-in tuna!”

For just 3 Star-Kist labels and $4.00

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