The IBM Personal System/2 family (1987)

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Any company can take the IBM PS/2 apart.
Only one can put it all together.

The moment IBM introduced the Personal System/2 family, the race was on to copy or “clone” the new technology.

Easier said than done.

And here’s why. When IBM set out to make the new computers, we could have simply installed a more powerful chip into our top PC performer, as some computer companies are doing. To us, that’s just pushing an older technology to its limits.

Instead, we broke ground with a new technology. One that would maintain links to earlier PCs, meet our customers’ needs for more power and performance, and serve as a platform for future growth.

For instance, you wanted us to give you more standard features, and we did, but not by plugging cards into the machine. Instead, we came up with a quieter, more reliable, more compact solution – a single board with printer, communication and mouse ports, even advanced graphics, built in.

In fact, the entire technology was developed from a “total system” philosophy — using IBM components, and IBM chips, specially designed and integrated to send overall performance and reliability up, and costs down.

We could even have been content to direct information through a traditional “single bus” highway. Instead, we created a superhighway called Micro Channel architecture in Models 50, 60 and 80, a much more efficient method of sending and receiving information.

We also introduced a new version of DOS which taps into the power of the new systems and runs current software better. And we just unveiled a new operating system, OS/2,that opens up a world of possibilities.

For starters, it’s compatible with today’s DOS, protecting your investment in hardware and software. It works beautifully with Micro Channel, making it easier to do many jobs at once. What’s more, OS/2 establishes a consistent look for virtually all software and systems, part of a blueprint for the future we call Systems Application Architecture.

Even IBM’s legendary dealer network has been improved. A special certification program gives dealers advanced training, so service and support are even stronger. In fact, support comes from many sources – right now, hundreds of outside developers are creating new cards, software and peripherals.

So you see, the world of the Personal System/2 is far greater than any single computer or chip or component. And when you try taking apart a system like this, you can just wind up with lots of bits and pieces.

For more information, see your IBM Marketing Representative or authorized dealer. For the dealer nearest you, call 1-800-447-4700.

“Nobody’s got it together like IBM.”

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