The Disc camera debuts (1982)

Though it debuted in 1982, production on Kodak’s Disc camera stopped in 1988-1989. As simple and convenient as using the camera was, there was just no way to adequately address the quality issues that came along with using a negative that was just 8mm x 10.5mm in size. Pictures too often ended up being grainy, having poor color or a lack of definition — all of which led to the Disc’s quick demise.

Kodak introduces Disc photography

A whole new way to make pictures. It’s the brand new system that really simplifies picture-taking. And it took a new kind of film to make disc photography possible. A totally different film. The heart of Kodak’s new disc camera.

The Disc Camera debuts

The decision-free world of Disc photography

Good times happen fast. This camera won’t lose a second capturing them.


Disc 4000 camera TV ad


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