The DeLorean: Live the dream (1982)


The DeLorean. Live the dream.

Your eyes skim the sleek, sensuous stainless steel body, and all your senses tell you, “I’ve got to have it!”

The counterbalanced gull-wing doors rise effortlessly, beckoning you inside.

The soft leather seat in the cockpit fits you like it was made for your body.

You turn the key. The light alloy V-6 comes to life instantly.

The DeLorean. Surely one of the most awaited automobiles in automotive history.

It all began with one man’s vision of the perfect personal luxury car. Built for long life, it employs the latest space-age materials.

Of course, everyone stares as you drive by. Sure, they’re a little envious. That’s expected. After all, you’re the one Living The Dream. Start living it today at a dealer near you.

A dealer commitment as unique as the car itself. There are 345 DeLorean dealers located throughout the United States. Each one is a stockholder in the DeLorean Motor Company. This commitment results in a unique relationship which will provide DeLorean owners with a superb standard of service.


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