Say hello to Ms Pac Man (1982-1983)

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The new femme fatale of the game world (1982)

The amazing Ms Pac-Man offers all the fun of Midway’s famous Pac Man with four new mazes, added bonus fruit symbols that float freely through the maze, two new side exists that give four chances for getaway, and a unique cartoon series.


If you think Pac-Man is a tough act to follow, meet Ms Pac Man (1983)

Make no mistake — this little lady is a screen sensation. More dynamic, more talented than even Pac-Man himself (and he’s the world’s biggest-selling video game ever).


Which player is eating twice as much? (1983)

Think fast. Here comes Ms Pac Man from Atari.

Meet the new home version of Ms Pac Man. She looks and plays so much like the arcade, she’s unlike any home video game you’ve ever played before. And she’s only from Atari…

You get four ghosts. Four mazes. Escape tunnels. And lots of floating munchies. Pears to pretzels, apples to oranges. To get the top banana, worth 5000 points, you have to know your little lady backward and forward.

The way the player on the left does. He gets 1000 points for the apple. While the player on the right gets only half as much for the orange. But plenty of indigestion.

So escort Ms Pac Man out of the arcade. Because this woman’s place is in the home.

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