Radio Shack’s new cordless telephone (1982)

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Make and take calls from anywhere in your home (without wires)

No cord to tangle or restrict you

Once you’ve used it, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without one.

Radio Shack’s new ET-320 all-electronic cordless phone lets you move about and talk — indoors or out — without trailing a cord that tangles, burns or knock’s things over. There’s no monthly rental, so you actually save money on your phone bill!

Its Universal Dial System works on all lines — rotary or tone dialing — without extra service charges. The pushbutton dial is in the handset, so you can call, answer, hang-up and redial up to 50-feet from the ase unit. And you get one-button Auto-Redial of the last number called if busy or no answer, and a privacy button so there’s no need to cover the mouth-piece with your hand.

Ready to use — just plug AC wall outlet. Adapts to mounting. Handset has  built-in rechargable batteries, automatic recharger in base. Our lowest price yet for an all-in-one cordless phone — $139.95.

fancy new radio shack corcless phone oct-1982

Radio Shack – A division of Tandy Corporation

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