Playskool toy sets: Candy Land Kids & Village Blocks (1982)

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Playskool Candy Land Kids collection: A little girl’s first dolls

Small, soft and machine washable, these dolls were designed especially for little girls 1-1/2 years and up.

Your little girl will love them all… Sugar Button comes with her very own tricycle… Pepper Mint with her rocking horse… Candy Kiss with her wagon. There’s even a matching playground set available with a swing, slide and see-saw. All in the Candy Land motif, and all designed to fit the little dolls.

There’s never been anything quite like these delightful dolls. They are small, just right for little hands. They are soft and cuddly. Their clothes are removable and interchangeable. Their hair is silky and easy to comb. And, if a doll gets dirty from too much loving, just pop her in the washing machine and she’ll come out bright, spanking clean.

Look for the Candy Land Kids, they are much more than collectors’ items. They are real dolls… to be played with and loved.



Playskool Village Blocks provide hour after hour of imaginative play.

By mixing and matching these versatile building shapes children can play with an almost unlimited number of different villages.

Each set of Village Blocks comes with bright, colorful labels to put on the blocks and turn them into stores, offices, shops, village halls, train stations, fire departments… all the familiar places of a wonderful friendly village. And, not only are there all those different buildings to mix and match, there are cars, trucks, buses and trains to drive around.

The colorful playboards are designed with streets and grass and railroad tracks on which children can put the buildings where they please. Whatever roles they are playing… doctor, lawyer, merchant, chief… every child will delight in the hours of fun and imaginative play provided by Village Blocks.

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