Mr Culver’s Sparklers stained glass air fresheners (1981)

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Air fresheners that look as beautiful as they smell


Outdoor freshness indoors

Imagine air fresheners that look as pretty as real stained glass yet keep every room in your home smelling like it was just washed with sunshine.

Hang up the Sparklers Owl for a Summer Greens fragrance that’s bright, breezy, spirited as a summer day. or choose the Sparklers Tulip with its delightful Floral Medley scent, a naturally-sunny blend of country flowers and rose petals. The Sparklers Butterfly gives off a Woodlands bouquet that’s clean, green and invigorating as a breath of cool forest air.

Mr Culver’s Sparklers. What a beautiful way to freshen every room in your home.

The new air fresheners that look as beautiful as they smell



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