Magnavox TVs, boomboxes, word processors (1988)

Smart: Magnavox 3″ LCD color TV

“It’s the finest pocket color TV we’ve ever tested… the set will give you a clear, sharp picture with remarkably good color.”



Very smart: Portable CD player boombox

What could be smarter than inventing digital CD technology? Making it this portable. The Magnavox D8890 Portable CD Player. So compact that high-quality CD sounds goes wherever you do.



Very, very smart: Videowriter word processor

Who else but Magnavox could design Videowriter, a word processor so smart it’s simple!



Brilliant: Magnavox big screen TV (with Smothers Brothers)

Pure theater, large as life. It’s the new generation of Magnavox Big Screen Televisions. A major Magnavox breakthrough is the brightness — three times brighter than Ordinary TVs. (Ad features The Smothers Brothers.)


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