King Kong Bundy is a computer pro (1987)

We gave ‘King Kong’ Bundy a Headstart computer

…and he learned to use it in 23 minutes! (With no instruction book, previous computer training, or help from his coach)

King Kong Bundy [professional wrestler] is no dummy. Once he plugged in Headstart, there was no stopping him.

He pressed the ‘on’ buttons and everything was there on the screen (he didn’t need an instruction book). Headstart logically guided him step-by-step through word processing, spreadsheets and databases, simply by punching up the keys Headstart told him to. King Kong couldn’t believe he was actually operating a computer like a pro in only 23 minutes.

We gave 'King Kong' Bundy a Headstart computer


Announcing the world’s First fully IBM compatible computer that’s so easy to use, it will bring out the genius in you.

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