Grand Floridian Beach Resort opens at Disney World (1988)

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Grand Floridian Beach Resort at Walt Disney World

Journey back to the turn of the century… to another time and another place. The Grand Floridian Beach Resort. An oasis of elegance that’s the first of its kind since the golden age of pleasure travel.

Bright white towers and gabled roofs echo the Victorian architectural influence that has come to symbolize Florida’s carefree winters and balmy summer nights. And inside, the towering five-story Grand Lobby is capped by three illuminated stained glass domes, glittering chandeliers and gleaming brasswork. At its center, a grandiose gazebo is an ornate aviary for a covey of rare Australian Rosy Bourkes… exotic pink parakeets that epitomize the period’s rococo style.

Yet nowhere else is more attention paid to thoughtful details than the Grand Floridian’s 900 guest rooms and suits; accommodations are the most luxurious on Disney property.

The Grand Floridian Beach Resort is open now and accepting reservations for single night or longer stays.

The Grand Floridian Beach Resort — Walt Disney World

Grand Floridian Beach Resort at Walt Disney World-november-1988

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