Frogger, Q*bert, Amidar, Reactor & Tutankhamun game cartridges (1980s)

Frogger, Qbert, Amidar, Reactor & Tutankhamun video games (1980s)

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Frogger video game cartridge – Parker Brothers (1982)

We hopped Frogger out of the arcade. Now can you hop him home?

Frogger has just jumped out of the arcades and into your home. Sights, sounds, and all. Do you have the skill to get him to his home?

Frogger’s first challenge is to cross a highway where reckless hot rods hurtle by, and huge trucks go thundering in his path. Every safe jump in this maze of motor and metal is a crucial step home.

Beyond is the raging river where the safety of a slippery log or diving turtle is all Frogger can count on to stay afloat.

Frogger‘s last leap to his lily pad home must be perfect, or it’s back to the road to try again. Good luck. Frogger’s counting on you.

For your Atari Video Computer System and the Sears Video Arcade.

1982 Parker Brothers Frogger video game

Reactor video game (1983)

Coming soon! Reactor – It’s one home video game you can really get into.

Inside Reactor, you fry nutrinos! Bounce positron clusters! Knock out control loads! Shrink the reactor core! Drop decoys! Load the bonus chambers! But most of all, avoid the dreaded vortex. It’s one game that demands everything you’ve got. And gets it.

Reactor. Parker Brothers’ version of the intense arcade game. you can’t help but get into it.

1983 game parker brothers reactor


Amidar video game cartridge – Parker Brothers (1982)

Bring home the game that’s way ahead of the pack.

Tired of seeing dots before your eyes? Ready for a video game with some personality? Then make the move to the wacky world of AMIDAR.

First you’re a gorilla, trying to draw boxes inside a maze. It’s not easy, though, because you’re being chased by savage sentries every step of the way. Just like in the arcade game.

Now you’re a paint roller trying to paint squares while being pursued by persistent pigs. No one ever said it was going to be easy.

AMIDAR. One of a kind in a dot-eat-dot world.

Parker Brothers 1982 amidar video game


Tutankhamun video game (1983)

The home video game you’ve waited 3000 years for

Tutankhamun, the video game where you race through a pyramid to find Tut’s treasure. The game where you’re attacked by the fiendish guardians of the tomb. And you fight back with your laser guns. You capture the keys to the treasure room and then the treasure is yours.

All the action of the hit arcade game is coming to your Atari or Sears home video system. From Parker Brothers, of course. Coming soon for Intellivision.

1983 Parker Brothers King Tut video game

Qbert video game – Parker Brothers (1983)

It’s not easy being Q*bert, but it’s fun

No one ever said it was going to be easy hopping the irresistible Q*bert from cube to cube and staying out of harm’s way. Especially when he’s trying to avoid creeps like Colly and Ugg.

But, there are times Q*bert can’t escape. And just like in the popular arcade game, he doesn’t take it quietly. Q*bert mutters a few choice words, puts his nose to the grindstone, and comes back for more.

You’ll grow so attached to Q*bert, you won’t want to stop playing. He’s one little character who’s good to the last hop.

1983 Parker Brothers Qbert video game

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