Ford Escort Wagon: More features than leading imports (1987)

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Ford Escort Wagon

Ford Escort is the world’s best-selling car five years running. That’s based on ’82-’86 calendar year worldwide sales and export data. One reason for Escort’s continued success could be its dedication to value. Take a look at the comparison [below]. You’ll find that for less money than these leading Japanese imports, Escort Wagon offers more features.

Escort Wagon. The reasons for owning one just keep adding up.

6-Year/60,000-Mile Powertrain Warranty. Ford now covers all new 1987 Ford cars with a 6 year/60,000 mile warranty on major power-train components. Restrictions and deductible apply. See your Ford Dealer for a copy of this limited warranty. Best-built American cars seven years running. “Quality is Job 1.” In fact, for the past seven consecutive years. Ford quality has led all other American car companies. This is based on an average of owner-reported problems in a series of surveys of ‘81287 models designed and built in North America.

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