Ford Bronco II. You can wear it anywhere. (1986)

Ford Bronco II. You can wear it anywhere.

Bronco II’s combination of design and toughness lets you take it anywhere. And for ’86, it offers new “Touch-Drive” 4WD shift option… the most powerful V-6 in its class… and high-style Eddie Bauer editions.

The Bronco II boasts a heritage of tough Ford quality. Its smart but practical design is enhanced by the Eddie Bauer model’s special interior luxury and exterior styling. Yet it has all the power and toughness you need to go 4-wheeling through rough terrain. And 4-wheel traction is always available to help get you and the family through winter snow.

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Touch & Go! Just push a button and Ford’s new electric “Touch-Drive” option automatically kicks from two-wheel drive into four high. The traction you want in all-weather driving is there instantly. You don’t have to stop, get out, or shift.

New V-6 power! Ford pours on the power with the new 2.9L fuel-injected V-6 engine. It makes the ’86 Bronco II most powerful in its class. You can climb high mountains or join fast-paced freeways with assured power, ready at your command.

Comfort with style. Sit back and surround yourself in first class luxury. In the Eddie Bauer Bronco II, styling starts where it counts — with dual Captain’s Chairs, for the ultimate in riding comfort. There’s also special two-tone paint, cast aluminum wheels, tilt steering wheel, cruise control and more. Plus Eddie Bauer tote and garment bags. And Ford’s Extended Maintenance and Limited Warranty coverage. Ask to see this warranty when you visit your dealer.

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