Phenomenal success

… has attended the introduction of Dr Scott’s Genuine Electric Appliances in the United States. Year after year, their popularity grew with unprecedented rapidity, until today their merit and reputation are known throughout the whole civilized world. They are simple and agreeable remedies, supremely efficacious, durable and convenient.

They do not injure, like medicine, and can be worn, with good effect and intense satisfaction by the most feeble as well as by the robust.

They prevent as well as cure

For this reason they should be worn by all.

The mind becomes active, the nerves and sluggish circulation are stimulated, and all the old-time health and good feeling come back. They are constructed on sclentiuc principles, imparting an exhilarating, health-giving current to the whole system. Professional men assert that there is hardly a disease which Electricity or Magnetism may not benefit or cure, and they daily practice the same, as your own physician will inform you.

The Celebrated Dr W A HAMMOND, of New York, formerly Surgeon-General of the US Army, lately lectured upon this subject; and advised all medical men to make trial of these agencies, describing at the same time most remarkable cures he had made, even In cases which would seem hopeless.

Dr Scott’s Genuine Electric Belt & Corset

A positive cure — promotes health, strength & energy

Nature’s own remedy

A boon to men — a blessing to women

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Cures rheumatism, indigestion & all nervous affections

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Source publication: The Ladies' Home Journal

Source publication date: December 1887

Filed under: 1880s, Health & medicine, Vintage advertisements

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