Luvs keeps your bouncing baby comfortable. (1982)

Luvs’ flexible gathers keep up with even the bounciest baby. Our hourglass shape curves to fit round little bottoms. And Luvs help keep your baby dry, day and night. So every little squirm, wiggle, teeter, and hop is comfortable in Luvs.

Your baby’s comfort begins with Luvs.

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Introducing New Cushion Quilted Pampers. The driest Pampers ever. (1981)

Here are the dry facts. Pampers took its special quilted topsheet and improved it… gave it a new fluffiness. Now it’s cushion quilted. Here’s how it works. 1. Cushion quilting provides a protective separation between wetness and your baby’s skin. 2. And because it’s fluffy, even when your baby presses down, cushion quilting helps keep wetness from seeping back onto your baby. If you think Pampers quilted lining helps keep your baby dry, wait till you see how much drier Pampers cushion quilting keeps him.



Luvs keeps your little dreamboat comfortable. (1982)

Luvs’ hourglass shape and flexible gathers cuddle your baby in comfort. And Luvs helps keep him dry, waking or sleeping. So whatever your dreamboat dreams up next, he’ll be comfortable in Luvs.

Your baby’s comfort begins with Luvs.

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Why is Jan tickled pink while Judy’s feeling blue? (1985)

Because Jan’s wearing elastic-leg Huggies which help stop leaking.

But poor Judy’s wearing a saggy diaper that leaks. No wonder Jan’s on her way to another masterpiece while Judy’s lost her inspiration.

Kleenex Huggies disposable diapers hug your baby with soft, gentle elastic at the leg. And Huggies have lots of thick, fluffy padding to soak up wetness, plus a special “Dry Touch” liner to keep her feeling dry.

And that’s enough protection to keep any baby happy.

Even a temperamental artist like Jan.


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