Apple’s Mac makes the financial page (1987)

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mac 1987

1987 mac puter

Macintosh makes the financial page

It also changes the weather. Pinpoints trouble spots. Displays baseball scores. And just generally covers the planet daily.

For publications ranging from the Denver Post to Gannett’s USA TODAY to all 92 Knight-Ridder Newspapers.

In fact, every US newspaper with a circulation of over 500,000 has given the Macintosh personal computer a job in their newsrooms. Because they’ve found it’s the most cost efficient way to create sophisticated graphics for fast-breaking news stories.

And share them electronically, and instantly, news desk to news desk, city to city.

1987 mac ready set go All this may come as news to a lot of business people who thought Apple Desktop Publishing was just a good way to save money on printed fliers.

With a Macintosh and a LaserWriter printer, your company can design, assemble and print everything from technical manuals to major presentations to, yes, newspapers – at a fraction of what it used to cost.

In fact, you can afford to “publish” every document in your office, from internal memos to formal presentations. In hundreds of type styles and sizes. Handsomely illustrated with Macintosh graphics.

But there’s more to Macintosh than looking good on paper. It can handle hundreds of other routine business tasks simply and professionally, with the most advanced business software available.

Including powerful spreadsheets with built-in business graphics and macros. Project management programs that help organize and manage the most complicated jobs. And data communications tools that allow Macintoshes to communicate with each other, IBM PCs, and mainframes.

And Macintosh goes about its business with the lowest training cost per desktop of any personal computer.

Because every Macintosh program works the same way – with simple point-and-click commands and pull-down menus.

Which may be why a growing number of the FORTUNE 500 are turning to Macintosh for real productivity gains. In fact, in an in-depth analysis of seven Macintosh installations in large manufacturing companies, users all reported productivity gains of 25% or more.

So the next time you open up your newspaper, don’t be too surprised if you see Macintosh on the financial page.

And – who knows – maybe even in the headlines.

The power to be your best.

1987 mac

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