American car ads (1987)

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Dodge Daytona Shelby Z

Turbo II. Intercooled. Front-wheel drive. 4-wheel discs. And zero to 50 faster than you can read this headline.

Discover a new species: Beretta

The 1988 Beretta. It has evolved. Not just a new car, but a new species. An unusually roomy sport coupe with a natural instinct for the road.

Ford cars

With a quality record this good… we can offer a warranty this good: Ford Motor Company’s new 6-year, 60,000 mile warranty.

Mercury Tracer

The 68 standard features of the new Mercury Tracer. Because the best friends are the ones that go out of their way for you.

Buick LeSabre Sedan

If the world were a perfect place, you wouldn’t need a Buick.

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