5 personal computer ads from the ’80s

Commodore 128 and 64 personal computers

All you need to do it this: Graph a spreadsheet, write a novel, fix an engine, compose a song, paint a picture, learn to fly, organize a database, tell a story…


It’s so fast, you’ll fly through your work. (Ad features actor Dom DeLuise)

Tandy 3000

The new Tandy 3000 — the difference is power… and affordability.  (Ad features actor Bill Bixby)

Wang solutions

How to make a lot of IBM PCs a whole lot smarter


Don’t take it from us: “I would rather have an ITT XTRA XP on my desk than an IBM PC AT. This powerful machine is operationally superior to the AT in several ways and costs less.” – PC Magazine 11/12/85

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