Decorating for an Easter wedding (1906)

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Stereograph - Bride on her wedding day

An Easter wedding

The week following Easter has always been a favorite time for weddings. Here are a few suggestions for the girls who may be preparing for such an occasion:

Use white flowers exclusively, of course — lilies are given the preference, but carnations, roses, tulips and hyacinths are all beautiful.

A pretty custom is to confine one flower to a room. A canopy under which the couple will stand may be made from wire, winding it with green and then studding it with white flowers.

Form an aisle of broad white satin ribbon and use white candles in every available place. The stair banisters may be wound with green, and a great bunch of white flowers tied to the newel post.

Vintage Easter postcard - God bless

It is a pretty idea to have one or two little flower girls carry baskets filled with white rose petals to scatter in the pathway of the bride.

At a wedding of this kind, the attendants must be gowned in white and the refreshments may be carried out almost entirely in white. Have the ice cream in egg-shaped forms in nests of straw-colored spun sugar, or it can be served in cases shaped like white lilies.

Candles of white in glass holders, white flowers, and all the gas or electric globes shaded with white, will make a dining room befitting the occasion. Of course, green vines and ferns must be used as a background for the white flowers.

A new way to display wedding gifts (1902)

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