Hearty parties on St Valentine’s Day (1935)

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Cute dog valentine card 1930s
Hearty parties on St Valentine’s Day

Valentine parties should be pretty things. Sentimental games should be played, hearts should abound in your decorations, and your refreshments should be molded to fit the occasion and decorated with your color scheme.

This year, it is smart to send the new Valentine invitations. They come in a heart shape, each showing a single figure — an Indian whose aim is true, an aviator, a winsome maid.

A brand new idea is the “scrambled invitation,” a jigsaw puzzle enclosed with a sheet of paper bearing a jingle such as: “If my message you would see; Pieced together I must be.”

One way to make sure that your party will be a colorful one is to ask all the girls to wear white. Have ready for them little bolero jackets out of red crepe paper, red berets or other hats each with a red heart on it. The men should be given paper hats with hearts on them, too.

Cute dog valentine card 1930s

Use pink and silver

Decorate your house with crepe paper hearts and if you are tired of red, you can choose pink and silver, for it is even smarter and more exclusive than red for a color scheme.

Your table decorations and your favors can be tremendously pretty this year. Pierrot and Pierrette centerpieces are new. They are made in the form of boxes and contain favors for everybody at the table. Then there are dolls of the Raggedy-Ann type, crinoline-skirted ladies whose skirts conceal a basket of cute favors, and there are highly polished silver dollies for them to stand on which reflect the whole pretty picture as truly as a mirror.

Crepe paper clothes and napkins come in variety of Valentine designs, but it is considered a bit smarter to set your table with lace paper doilies in your scheme’s color, and you can get heart shaped ones, in all sizes. And to start right, you can make a crepe paper covered wire heart for your dining room door through which all enter to eat.

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Favors include new little china automobiles with Cupid as a driver. These may be used to pair off the couples by placing a girl’s name in each car and giving the men the numbers of the car they will drive. Similarly, there are tiny metal bird cages through which you stick a card bearing the girls’ names.

Pussycats, particularly an elongated pink chenille variety which is very amusing, and dogs with real fur abound. Numerous candy boxes have funny puppies and kittens on their covers. Snappers come big, little and in every variety conceivable.

Valentine card 1930s

For games, particularly if the crowd knows each other well and everybody is gay, use the jigsaw puzzle idea again in this way:

Write on separate paper hearts, some stunt or amusing thing each couple should do. Then cut the heart into pieces, put it in an envelope with the couple’s name on it, and make each couple piece theirs together to see what contribution they are expected to make to the evening’s gaiety.

Hints for games

Dancing and cards are always nice Valentine’s amusements. But games promise greater popularity this year, particularly games of chance. Have pop guns to shoot at heart targets, give prizes for the best scores in bagatelle, quoits, fishing ponds and other games.

It is simple to cut your sandwiches in heart shapes and make your cakes and cookies the same shape. You can the tile latter with red or pink silver. Your salad can be molded in a large heart shape, or two hearts on a large platter, with appropriate decorations on the dish. And you can even get little heart-shaped pieces.

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