This mincemeat recipe comes from the wife of John A Logan, who, among many other accomplishments of note, was a general in the Union Army during the Civil War, and an Illinois congressman and senator. He is also considered to have been key in making Memorial Day an official US holiday. This remarkable lady was named Mary Simmerson Cunningham Logan.

A real old-fashioned mincemeat recipe

Mrs Logan’s mincemeat recipe

Mrs John A Logan… has one of the finest houses at the capital, and there is no kitchen managed better than hers.

It is from her that I get my recipe for Thanksgiving mincemeat, and this is the way she makes it:

Two pounds of beef chopped fine after being cooked, two pounds of suet chopped fine, four pounds of raisins, four pounds of apples, eight oranges, the peel of half a pound of citron — all chopped fine. One ounce of cinnamon, one of allspice, one of nutmeg, and two pounds of brown sugar.

There is nothing nicer than the salad as a Thanksgiving entree, and Mrs Logan has given me the following directions as to the dressing of the salad dish.

Take the white inside leaves of a cabbage and make a border, not allowing the leaves to fall too far over the sides of the dish, or make a border of curled lettuce. Then place the salad inside, smoothing it nicely.

Slice four small cucumber pickles lengthwise, which will make eight pieces. Pass each piece through a white ring of a hard-boiled egg and place them here and there — or you can place all the ends together in the center of the dish, allowing the other ends to diverge. This will form a kind of a flower. It will look prettier if a small round slice of jelly is placed where the ends meet.


Mrs John A Logan

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Source publication: The Salt Lake Herald. (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Source publication date: November 23, 1890

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