Make turkey shapes from cranberry sauce (1942)

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Make turkey shapes from cranberry sauce (1942)
Serve 7 turkeys for Thanksgiving!

One on a platter, and six made from cranberry sauce!

There’ll be oh’s and ah’s aplenty when you bring on the Thanksgiving cranberry sauce cut in turkey shapes… easy to do with the novel turkey cutter illustrated below. No other like it! Use the coupon below to send for your turkey cutter today. These “cranberry turkeys” will be the hit of your Thanksgiving dinner! [Editor’s note: This offer expired a long time ago, but you can get a modern-day metal turkey-shaped cookie cutter here.]

Make turkey shapes from cranberry sauce (1942)

If you’re busy with war work, you’ll be even more thankful for ready-to-serve Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce. Inexpensive… nutritious… a grand teammate for any meat or fish. Use slices of Ocean Spray Jellied Cranberry Sauce to pinch-hit for an extra vegetable. Serve it in salads, desserts, in sandwiches, or on toast. Contains 13 important minerals and vitamins! Eat Cranberry Sauce twice a week!

5 recipes for quick, classic cranberry sauces – including cranberry ginger-pear sauce, tangy cranberry relish & other delights from 1950

NOW! Whole Cranberry Sauce!
For you who like to sink your teeth into whole cranberries. Ocean Spray offers this unstrained, already-sweetened Whole Cranberry Sauce, packed in 1-lb. glass jars. It’s delicious!

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