New toys for a world of watery fun (1961)

A gay new world of watery fun

This summer it isn’t enough just to go down to the water, jump in and swim. With a whole flotilla of lightweight, inexpensive, watery games and toys, the water bugs can tote their own playgrounds to pool, lake or ocean. There are rafts to float on, little boats to paddle or sail, ball games to play, a waterborne chaise for luxurious lazing, even shoes for walking on water — as fast as walking on land — at a brisk 3 mph. Plastics make all these possible and plastic water equipment, like that [shown], will be a $40 million business this year.

Swimming pool and toys from 1961

Swimming pool products featured

Water equipment in back row (left to right): Water shoes $40; mats $10 each; volleyball game $13; bounce ball $1.50; foam sail boat $50; molded sail boat $20. Second row (from left): basketball game $8; water polo net $15; basket ball game $10; horseshoe game $10; paddle boat $16; surfboard $8; sea horse $7. Third row (from left): chaise $20; horse $7; tiger $6; kayak $60; toboggan $25; panda $6. Front (from left): raft $10; dumbbells $2 and $3; ring $5; alligator $4; raft $13; snake $2; boat $10; seal $2; Sylvan pool, 20’x40′, about $4,700.

Swimming pool and toys from 1961

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