Cool summer smorgasbord party ideas (1955)

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Cool summer “smorgasbord” – smart new party idea

It’s so easy (no cooking)… such fun for your guests (they serve themselves)… and so tempting with these quick dressings made with smooth, creamy Hellmann’s Mayonnaise.

1. For fruit… tantalizing Hawaiian Dressing! Stir grated cheese and crushed pineapple into smooth mayonnaise. You’ll have a fluffy, delicately flavored dressing that’s just about perfect with any fruit you serve.


2. Fish is a must on any Smorgasbord table… and here’s a special Piquant Dressing to add to its popularity. It calls for lemon juice and well-chopped cucumber blended into creamy whole-egg mayonnaise. Delicious!


3. A zesty dressing for meats and cold cuts. Start with mildly flavored whole-egg mayonnaise, stir in chili sauce and chopped chives. It’s ready in seconds, beautiful, creamy and as tempting to see as to taste.


4. For vegetables… combine Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise with chopped stuffed olives, cream or milk and a dash of Worcestershire sauce. Notice how whole-egg mayonnaise stands up even when thinned.

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