Spring flowers, succulents & other plants in Arizona

While springtime might come a little late in some parts of the country, it tends to show up a little early in Arizona. Here, take a look at what was blooming in Phoenix’s Valley of the Sun in the middle of March, 2014!

Acacia tree in bloom

springtime-in-arizona-march-2014 (8)

springtime-in-arizona-march-2014 (12)


Wood dove in a tree

springtime-in-arizona-march-2014 (2)


Lemon tree with blossom

springtime-in-arizona-march-2014 (6)

Possibly Ocotillo flowers

springtime-in-arizona-march-2014 (4)


Purple flowers

springtime-in-arizona-march-2014 (3)


Parry’s agave or mescal agave (Agave parryi)

springtime-in-arizona-march-2014 (11)


Lemon tree

springtime-in-arizona-march-2014 (5)


A spine-less succulent, possibly agave

springtime-in-arizona-march-2014 (13)


Palm tree

springtime-in-arizona-march-2014 (14)


Callistemon viminalis, aka bottlebrush flower

springtime-in-arizona-march-2014 (1)





Opuntia, aka nopales or paddle cactus

springtime-in-arizona-march-2014 (9)


Agave franzosinii

springtime-in-arizona-march-2014 (7)

All photos by Nancy J Price

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