5 savory spring lamb recipes (1907)

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Savory spring lamb recipes

Baked lamb chops

Beat and trim the chops, roll each one in beaten egg and then in dried bread crumbs. Put them in the dripping pan with a small lump of butter on each one; set In the oven, and as they brown baste every few minutes with boiling water and a little butter. When nut brown, sprinkle with pepper and salt; thicken the gravy left in the pan by adding browned flour. Pour over the chops and serve.

Pepper stuffed with lamb

Cut a piece from the stem end of the peppers and remove the seeds; cover with boiling water and let stand for ten minutes; drain and fill with the chopped meat. Place in a baking pan, add a cupful of hot water and bake in a moderate oven for three-quarters of an hour. One pint of chopped meat is enough for ten peppers.

Mutton scallop

If the meat is tender, cut into thin slices; if not, it will be better to chop it fine. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Put a layer of meat in a buttered pan, then one of the tomatoes, continuing until the pan is full the top layer being tomatoes. Bake in a pan for half an hour. Serve hot, with baked potatoes.

Lamb cutlets

Chop fine a little suet, mix it with bread crumbs, add salt, pepper, and a little chopped parsley and herbs to suit the taste; mix with a beaten egg. Scoop out the center of six or eight tomatoes, fill with the mixture, arrange them closely in a pan, put a small piece of butter on each and bake.

Wash, dry and peel a pint of mushrooms, put them into another pan with two tablespoonfuls of butter mixed with a teaspoonful of flour. Add salt, pepper and a little water and stew for about fifteen minutes. Trim the cutlets, rub each over with butter and bake. When done, arrange them standing up in the middle of a dish with the tomatoes and mushrooms around them. Pour the essence from the tomatoes and the mushrooms together and serve it with the lamb as sauce. Serve hot.

Roast lamb

Brush three ounces of melted butter over the inner part of a well-trimmed quarter of lamb and strew thickly with finely-grated bread crumbs seasoned with bait, pepper and parsley. Roll and skewer four or five slices of bacon to the outer side. Put them in a rather quick oven and when thoroughly done remove the bacon add baste the meat with the well beaten yolk of egg and gravy. Cover thickly with bread crumbs and brown nicely. Garnish the platter on which it is to be served with sprays of mint. Mint sauce should be used with this dish.

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